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Mechanic Seth's Tips
  • Any of the things listed in under "Chain Skipping" can also cause poor shifting.
  • A dirty drivetrain will not shift as well as a clean one.  We recommend a chain wax or Teflon lubricant rather than petroleum based lubricants "oil".
  • The most common fix for poor shifting is simply adjusting the cable tension.  If you aren't familiar with how to do this it's best to leave it to someone with more experience.
  • If you shifting is inconsistent the problem may be that there is too much friction in your cables. Lubricating the cable where is passes through the housing can help this.
  • If your derailleur is shifting from one cog to another without you shifting, check to make sure that your derailleur is properly aligned with the frame.  If the derailleur is bent or miss aligned, poor shifting will occur. A bent rear derailleur or hanger may cause serious damage to the bicycles rear wheel, frame, chain and could cause possible serious injury to the rider if it is not repaired.

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Just bought a bike here last month. Best price in town and they had very good service. I really love my new bike.

Visited Buck's today to buy a chain for my mountain bike. Was greeted normally and the nice gentleman was able to help me immediately and was good enough to ask a few questions to make sure I had all the info I needed to replace my rusty chain. We pleasantly exchanged info on MTB pedals afterward. I'm happy to recommend Buck's Bikes.

We live in Round Rock, & preferred to shop local, but we checked around Austin regardless. We ended up buying our bikes from Bucks, and were very happy with everyone we worked with except maybe one guy. The night I got the bike, I crashed it, & broke a part on the real wheel, making it unrideable. The next morning, I took it in, & even though the warranty didn't cover accidents, they told me that they would only charge me for parts. Free labor! I was so happy I could have skipped out of there. My experience made me so grateful I got it here.

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